Recently I had the opportunity to work with Carey and Laura at Impression House, on behalf of my father, who was in desperate need of a new business card. When I passed the referral to Carey I had no idea what I wanted for the card. I knew the quality of work that Carey and everyone at Impression House were capable of, but I had my doubts as to how they could give that incredible flair to a business card for firewood, logging and lot clearing.

Wow, were we shocked. The cards were an incredible change! Laura, who I understand designed their layout, did an absolutely amazing job. My father, a man of few words, cannot sing their praises often enough and is going to quickly run out if he doesn’t stop giving them out to everyone just so he can show them off!

They have given a new, modern look to “Firewood Needed”, and with this new and unique card they have helped move my father’s business into a new era that will certainly appeal to a new generation.

I would like to formally thank Carey (and Laura) for her creativity and professionalism. It is nice to know that I can send someone to Impression House and have the fullest confidence that they will be treated well and leave happy.

Thank you very much.

November 4, 2009

Amanda Reynolds, Firewood Needed